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About me

Welcome, I'm Jack I've worked at multiple hatted restaurants around NSW guaranteeing the best degustation experience imaginable. I will tailor the perfect intimate three-course meal to suit your palate with perfectly matched wines for each course. After you have tantalized your tastebuds your next course will take you to the bedroom to arouse your body and senses with passionate lovemaking guaranteed to leave you 100% satisfied and on top of the world.


I love meeting women of all ages and sizes and listening to their interesting life stories and experiences, I’m well travelled and have been all over the world, my favourite place I’ve been to is Vietnam which was a life-changing experience for me, I’m into experiencing life to the fullest and have a real passion for cooking and lovemaking.

Nothing arouses me more than giving my partner please while I search every inch of your body.

Book an experience with me you won’t regret it.

Jack xo


3 Hour Lunch / Dinner Experience $2000

3 Course Meal cooked by myself specifically tailored to you

Each course is paired with a unique wine to compliment your palate

With the 4th course to be served in the bedroom.



2 Hours $600 for your First Time

1 Hour $450

2 Hours $800

3 Hours $1000 or Lunch Date Special - 3 hours between 12pm - 6pm

Per Hour $500 Boyfriend Experience

Dinner Date $1500 4 Hour Dinner Date

Dinner Date $2250 6 Hour Dinner Date

Overnight $3500 12 hours - Longer at my discretion

24 Hours $5000

Additional Days $3000

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