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The athletic muscular Leo grew up in the beautiful Northern  English countryside , where growing up enveloped in the world of sport has fueled his lifelong passion for fitness and wellness, in addition to leading him to be on of Sydney's most in demand personal trainers.


Always the charismatic conversationalist with a charming personality. Leo craves intellectual stimulation as much as physical and is a master at listening. Really listening.


Not nodding and mm-hmming but actively searching for the core of a person. What drives you, what captivates you. Leo knows that being a good companion and lover requires more than a hot bod and smooth moves… it’s about something deeper.

This well travelled Englishman will tell you of his travels around the world, his favourite destination is the Gilli Islands off  the coast of Bali.

Leos favourite drink is a Negroni  so why not book a lunch date and get to know this gorgeous man over a few cocktails and get lost in his eyes.



2 Hours $600 for your First Time

1 Hour $450

2 Hours $800

3 Hours $1000 or Lunch Date Special - 3 hours between 12pm - 6pm

Per Hour $500 Boyfriend Experience

Dinner Date $1500 4 Hour Dinner Date

Dinner Date $2250 6 Hour Dinner Date

Overnight $3500 12 hours - Longer at my discretion

24 Hours $5000

Additional Days $3000



Miss X

Leo was the sweetest date.
I felt very comfortable in his presence. He was gentle and warm, and made me feel like I was the only one in the crowded room… and those lips had to offer a lot more than just that gorgeous smile!


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