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Hello there & welcome.

My name is Owen, Brisbane based but am always willing to travel. 

I am an exceedingly kind, caring and giving person. Ready to give you an amazing personal experience accustomed to you. I can be very charismatic and personal, but very playful and fun when the mood is set right.


I have a background in fitness and adult entertainment, all to help you have an unforgettable experience. With me there is no need to pretend to be someone else, I encourage you to be yourself, there will never be any judgement when you are with me.

I thoroughly enjoy making a deep connection and learning all about you, your passions, your dreams and your goals.



2 Hours $600 for your First Time

1 Hour $450

2 Hours $800

3 Hours $1000 or Lunch Date Special - 3 hours between 12pm - 6pm

Per Hour $500 Boyfriend Experience

Dinner Date $1500 4 Hour Dinner Date

Dinner Date $2250 6 Hour Dinner Date

Overnight $3500 12 hours - Longer at my discretion

24 Hours $5000

Additional Days $3000

*Please note that I offer sexual services to women only.

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