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Uninhibited by Charlton Gray

How I got started: Uninhibited by Charlton Gray was started in 2021 Covid-19 pandemic during the eastern coastal lockdowns which forced all escort workers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne to stop working. Because of this, some of the guys lost income not been able to work. And this is where Uninhibited by Charlton Gray was born.

I started the business: Uninhibited by Charlton Gray was started to support the guys during the forced lockdown period, with 100% of the proceeds going to the escorts forced out of work.

Challenges faced during the business - We attempted to do something similar during the 2020 initial lockdowns, to no success, and to be honest, we didn't know what we were doing and put little to no effort into the design neither did we have a label name, essentially just putting the guy's images on a jumper and hoping for the best. Apart from selling a few iPhones covers it really didn't go anywhere and by the below picture you can see why.

How I overcame the challenges the second time around: Well this time with the Covid 19 2021 lockdowns been worse than the 2020 lockdowns due to the delta strain we wanted to put in100%. This time round we engaged a social media agency called Love Ink Media which is the best thing we could have done. Love Ink Media helped us to create a label name that represented the brand, and also teamed us up with their amazing in-house graphic artist George Carington, who helped create unique and funky designs of the guys creating a truly unique on-trend street label brand.

Launch: Leading up to the launch of the brand we had to incorporate Shopify into our website and also create a separate Instagram for the label, given the nature of our website been Male Escort work we would not be able to advertise on Facebook or Instagram so we had to separate the label from a social media point of view and make the "Uninhibited by Charlton Gray" brand separate from the "Charlton Gray Premium Male Escorts" once this was done we were able to to pay for Instagram and Facebook and Google advertising.

What Now? : Given the success, we will still continue the label as a side hustle for the guys to earn extra income. And any new escorts wanting to start we will now offer it as an extra option.

By Dorian Gray

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