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Yussif is a charming and charismatic gentleman! The man who will hold the door, pull out your chair, and give you his jacket. Yussif is a great listener and would love to share a meal with you.

A world traveller Yussif's favourite holiday destination is Brazil loving nothing more than sipping a coffee at a cafe overlooking Copacabana beach and hear all about your favorite places to travel!

Yussif is a natural athlete, that practices martial arts, giving him his gorgeous muscular physique.

Yussif is a versatile gentleman of many talents. Hard day at the office? let Yousif relax you with hands gifted by the gods, trained in Yoni Shiatsu and Tantric massage he will release all the pressure of a hard days work.

He is always full of warmth and charisma, the man everyone wants to be around. He can't get enough of life and love! Are you ready for the ultimate boyfriend experience?



2 Hours $600 for your First Time

1 Hour $450

2 Hours $800

3 Hours $1000 or Lunch Date Special - 3 hours between 12pm - 6pm

Per Hour $500 Boyfriend Experience

Dinner Date $1500 4 Hour Dinner Date

Dinner Date $2250 6 Hour Dinner Date

Overnight $3500 12 hours - Longer at my discretion

24 Hours $5000

Additional Days $3000

*Please note that I offer sexual services to women only.

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