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Male escort work, how to get started?

What does a male escort do? Male escort work isn't about the sex, the sex plays a small part in it. You have to be a really good conversationalist be a good listener and it also helps if you are well travelled. Your main job within the first 15minutes is establish a real connection with your client.

Why do guys become an escort? - There are many reasons as to why guys get into escort work, but mainly it is the financial benefit, others are curious about the industry and get into for the notoriety.

Who are male escorts? - I have been in this industry the last 5 years now, an I have honestly met guys from all walks of life, struggling actors, carpenters, guys who work corporate day jobs, bartenders the industry isn't bias.

How to become a male escort? - Easy you can choose to join an agency or place your ad on multiple classified sites.

by Dorian Gray

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